Review: 11 Reasons ‘Reborn’ #6 Ends With Both A Bang And A Whimper

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Bonnie Black is an elderly woman living out her last days in a care home. Although visited by a loving granddaughter, surrounded by friends, and filled with memories of a happy life, Bonnie still fears dying. Prone to strokes, she goes to sleep wondering if she will even wake up. But what Bonnie Black doesn’t know is that death is just the beginning…after her death, Bonnie finds herself in a bold, dangerous, and unfamiliar new world, populated by all manner of magic and monster. But Bonnie is not alone, as everyone from her past life exists in the new realm, some are friends, some are family, some are enemies, and some are something much, much worse.

Now Bonnie is finally face to face with the villain that both plagues this new land and was responsible for killing her husband on Earth. She will launch a last-ditch battle to save her husband, avenge his death, and stop the evil Golgotha from spreading his evil from Adystria to Earth!

Reborn #6Reborn #6

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A Millarworld Book
Written by
: Mark Millar
Art by: Greg Capullo
Inks by: Jonathan Glapion
Colors by: 
Fco Plascencia

Created by: Mark Millar and Greg Capullo
Published: Image Comics

This issue concludes the first story arc of Reborn, and it is as satisfying as an ending as you could have wanted or expected from a book that has been this fun, thrilling and consistent from the beginning. Mark Millar, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and Fco Plascencia all helped deliver one hell of a story over six issues that really could have been told only in a comic book (though the afterward does drop the news that there is interest in it as a TV show). Read on for 11 reasons Reborn #6 maybe the end of volume one for this series, but should be one of the first books you pick up this week.

Reborn #6
Art from Reborn #6
  1. That ‘bang’ of an opening!
  2. Mark Millar’s ability to ratchet up the tension with every page as the story heads to its conclusion.
  3. The splash page of Bonnie finally slashing her sword at Golgotha. Capullo, Glapion and Plascencia have never looked this good together.
  4. The art, in general, is gorgeous in this comic and has a real sense of color and texture. It’s vibrant and alive. It almost feels like animation.
  5. How cinematic the feel of this book is. It delivers great moments, the kind that makes movie audiences clap and cheer.
  6. “The worst people who have ever lived are standing here around you, all tooled up. All desperate to hurt you. Do you really love him that much?” –Golgotha. “I do.” –Bonnie Black
  7. How truly epic this comic feels. The big moments are earned and delivered with appropriate impact.
  8. Despite being epic, it is also deeply grounded in emotions and relationships.
  9. The fact this only volume one and the possibilities that brings.
  10. “He’s a fifty-ton dragon with a goddamn lion’s head”
  11. For a story about death, it’s actually about living and what it means to appreciate life.
Reborn #6
Art from Reborn #6

I really hope this entire creative team returns to this title and this world soon. Reborn was released with little fanfare and has made quite a splash in the comics word. It did so the old fashioned way; by telling a kick-ass comics story, building a new world, and giving us characters to care for and root for.

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review-reborn-issue-6'Reborn' #6 ends the first volume of this epic tale, and leaves readers both satisfied and wanting more. An action-packed, heartfelt and gorgeous comic for fans of any genre. Glad to see there is more to come from this creative team.