Despite a sudden change in art, Ninjak #4 leaves us wanting more as the first arc wraps up.

Review: NINJAK #4: A Change In Direction

Ninjak #4 ends the first arc of this Valiant Entertainment run on October 13th. With a new artist joining in, the battles against Daylight are about to get more complex.


Ninjak is on the run from assassins hunting spies via data leaks. To combat the leakers, Daylight, Ninjak gathers what little information he can.

Ninjak #4 Is Where The Plot Heightens

Ninjak #4 page actionWithin Ninjak #4, Jeff Parker sets the stage for this run’s next arc. Readers who follow this series’ earlier issues know how much of a threat Daylight is. But actually seeing Ninjak almost overwhelmed by the telepath, Siphon, shows how out of his element he is. Even with backup from his co-star Myna, Parker displays that Ninjak is going to need to change tactics, and fast. Because between Daylight and some super assassins, conventional spying’s not going to cut it.

New Direction In Art

Just a manner of looking back.

While Javier Pulido continues his mesmerizing cartooning for the first four pages, new artists help ease his workload. Penciler Beni Lobel, draws more realistic designs for each character in Ninjak #4 but makes their facial language very emotive. Yet, it’s the colorist Andrew Dalhouse that keeps the spirit of Pulido’s art through demonstrating Siphon’s telepathic powers. The way her white mental image enters the cool colored mind of Ninjak with vivid imagery is startling. Thankfully for Ninjak, Dave Sharpe’s SFX provide just as much visual impact on the page. It’s what allows the reader to share Ninjak’s shock as he is back in the real world.

Ninjak #4 Closes Out Well

Ninjak #4 closes out this arc of Jeff Park’s run with intense action. While some readers may find the change of artists a little jarring, the story more than makes up for it. With Daylight more or less having a few legs up on Ninjak, readers will want more out of this immersive run.

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Despite a sudden change in art, Ninjak #4 leaves us wanting more as the first arc wraps up.Review: NINJAK #4: A Change In Direction