Nightwing #8 Dick Grayson has on Owl in His Bloodline

Nightwing #8

Story By: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Eddy Barrows

Kyle Higgins Nightwing series ties into Batman and The Court of Owls this month. Last issues revelation that Dick was next in line as a Talon for The Court f Owls was a shocking twist for the character. This issue Nightwing is following up on his lead after being framed for murder. He reclaims his Escrima sticks that were found at the scene of the crime just in time to get Alfred’s distress call from the Bat Cave. This story takes place at the same time as Batman#8 though you don’t need to read that issue to  be involved in whats going on. If you have there is some payoff showing how William Cobb gets freed from the Bat Cave if you’ve paid close attention to Batman#8.

Higgins alternates between following Nightwing around as he attempts to save the Mayor of Gotham from The Court of Owls and goes back in time to 1901 introducing us to a boy by the name of William Cobb. Cobb’s story is one all too familiar to Dick Grayson’s in that he is not a child of Gotham but does become a child of Haly’s Circus. The view-point of William Cobb is the focus throughout the issue allowing for some deep seeded resentment towards Nightwing. I like that William is treating Dick as if he’s Betrayed his rue calling while Dick ever the optimist continues to set his own path. This books title is Nightwing though and I wish more of this issue would have been from his perspective.

I like Eddy Barrows art a lot. It’s epic in scope and he captures Nightwing’s trademark moves very well on paper.There were a few moments in this issue though where I felt the page layouts led to me being confused by what I was reading as well as who was saying Dialogue to whom. It makes reading this issue harder than it should be as it already is jumping back and forth between to characters.

This issue is a shaky start to a strong event happening in the Bat Books. The cliffhanger at the end led to me wanting to read the next issue and I still enjoy what Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows are doing with the character. I just want more of this story as told through Dick’s eyes and not necessarily him becoming a supporting character in his own book.

Review: 7.5/10

Mike DeVivo

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