Review: ‘Mega Princess’ #3: Under The Sea

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Max and Justine’s search is almost all washed up when they get in over their heads with their Atlantean neighbors! Water they going to do?!


Thanks to new magic, Max gets a mermaid tail and is able to explore the watery kingdom in search of her brother. She and Justine meet a fish called Todd, a puffer who can’t puff well. Todd is incredibly cute and is one of the most enjoyable character the pair have met so far.

This book is filled with adorable creatures. Writer Kelly Thompson has created a whimsical world. Taking the premise of a princess wanting more and having them work towards their goal instead of simply being it given by magic allows for much better story telling. Princesses don’t always have to simply sit on a throne and should seek out their dreams (in this case, trying to be the greatest detective ever). This series has the perfect mixture of adventure and fun which is an ideal book for young readers.

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Mega Princess


The artist team of Brianne Drouhard and M. Victoria Robado offer a very fun and light art style in this book. Unfortunately, this issue isn’t nearly as detailed as in the previous issues. The background panels of several pages are basically blank. Luckily the character designs are still very entertaining and adorable.


Mega Princess is a perfect book for youths who would benefit from reading more comics. With only two issues left, this series is shaping up to be a promising trade paperback to place in the hand of an individual who wants to get into comics. Hopefully this series will get enough attention and the junior detective known as Mega Princess will have the opportunity to go on more adventures in the future. Because the world needs more detective princesses on the case.