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Al Ewing, Joe Bennet, Ruy Jose and Paul Mounts join forces to bring intensity and action in THE IMMORTAL HULK #7.

They’re the reason he died. They’re the reason he came back. Now THE AVENGERS have to bring him in. But how far will even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go to cage… the IMMORTAL HULK? Hulk

The Immortal Hulk #7
Written by: Al Ewing
Pencils by: Joe Bennet
Inks by: Ruy Jose
Colors by: Paul Mounts
Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit

This review contains spoilers


When you start off a comic by having the Hulk throw Ghost Rider and his car through a suburban neighborhood, you ask yourself “How much more insane can this get?” Well, if it’s Al Ewing writing then the appropriate answer is “totally fucking nuts.” Ewing cranks up the intensity with every page as Banner rips and stomps through the Avengers gleefully. This is a scary Hulk, stronger than ever, driven by vengeance and revealing in being sadistic, attacking with both words and fists.  He punches Thor so hard that the God of Thunder loses a tooth and gets a concussion. He destroys the new and improved Hulk-Buster armor and almost kills Tony Stark in the process.  And his physical and emotional barrage on Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk, leaves her nursing her body and mind miles away. It’s shocking to see how easily he puts down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Ewing has found a way to make the Hulk scary again. If the start of this new series was a slow burn, then this issue is a blaze of glory.Hulk

Ewing also throws out some great high concept ideas, like the Helios laser (essentially a concentrated beam of sunlight that is the only thing able to take the Hulk down, even if it’s only tempory) and the reveal that this new ‘Devil Hulk’ persona is almost a ‘god’ (at least according to Thor.)

It’s not all over the top though, as Ewing smartly uses an ordinary family as an anchor to cut to in order to ground the insanity in a relatable way. It may not be a new narrative trick, but it’s one that works fantastically.


Joe Bennet, Ruy Jose and Paul Mounts create some truly incredible gamma powered images. Like Ewing’s writing, tension and intensity are cranked up page by page and panel by panel. The layouts are explosive, making the reader feel the chaos of a Hulk attack. Bennet excels at giving Banner great facial expressions, making him that much scarier. Joe’s inks carry them even further. When you add in Mounts colors and palette, the whole issue just comes alive in front of your eyes. This is a gorgeous book. And it’s not just Hulk that looks great; all the Avengers look fantastic here.Hulk


This is the best Hulk book we have had in years and it only seems to be getting better. If that batshit (in a great way) of an ending (SPOILER: SEE IT BELOW!) is any indication, this creative team is taking readers on a truly incredible and immortal journey that is transforming one of Marvel’s best characters in great new ways.Hulk

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