Monkeys Fighting Robots

An acquaintance stated “Gundam Build Divers is to Gundam Build Fighters” as “Beast Machines is to Beast Wars.” Thought the sequel series pale in comparison to their origin, episodes like this help to showcase just how much punch Gundam Build Divers has to offer.


Time is running out as the battle between Riku and the Champion ensues. Can Riku make up for the different in experience?



Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube

The Game Master goes full evil villain in this episode. Despite the defense of “he’s doing his job” he comes across as malicious. As the battle rages on he makes it a point to show Sarah how poorly her friends are doing. Seems like he is intentionally rubbing salt into her wounds.

Gundam Build Divers

The battle between Riku and Kyoya is the highlight of the episode. Both characters push themselves to the limit and it results in some incredible giant robot combat to unfold. The arrival of some additional combatants to the fight also adds to the intensity and helps to make the episode even more enjoyable.

Well, all’s well and the series can just come to a nice and simple…WHAT? A final boss out of nowhere? What is this the latest Final Fantasy game? Alright, as this mysterious and menacing machine isn’t brought until the last few seconds of this episode, it will not affect its score. Still, there better be at least some kind of explanation why this giant behemoth is needed to end the series. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be a thinly veiled reason for all the former enemies to show they love Sarah and they are sorry for trying to kill her. The series can’t afford to lose any valuable points on a last episode by having such a flimsy final plot point.

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