Monkeys Fighting Robots

The final battle has begun as Gundam Build Divers starts to move towards its finale. Will it be an event worth watching or does it crash at the start.


The Build Divers must face impossible odds to rescue Sarah.


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The main draw of this episode is the action which comes from the Build Divers facing off against an overwhelming number of opponents. The first element of note is Yukki finally debuts his new mobile suit which has been teased since the second opening first aired. Luckily, the new suit delivers with an impressive display of what kind of power it has up its sleeve. It definitely would have been disappointing if the suit was destroyed in its first time out.

Gundam Build Divers

The second aspect to bring up is the fight between Tigerwolf and Shahryar. Sadly despite the two being bitter rivals since the first time they were shown together, their battle is less tooth and claw than one would hope. Instead, they come to an understanding and decide to fight together moving forward. It doesn’t totally bring down the overall episode score but considering the way the battle was advertised in the episode preview it seemed like it should have been.

The final element which needs to be mentioned is the underhanded scheme the Game Master tried to pull. He was willing to destroy Sarah, despite the terms which were laid out to decide her fate. If it weren’t for Kyoya stepping in, he would have straight up murdered her. This does help to show Gundam Build Divers has succeeded in obtaining the kind of drama and consequences which made Gundam Build Fighters a joy to watch. One can only hope the series ends with just as much intensity with the final two episodes.

Gundam Build Divers is Streaming on The GundamInfo YouTube Channel.