Monkeys Fighting Robots

The main obstacle Gundam Build Divers has standing before it is the shows which preceded it. Gundam Build Fighters was near universally loved. Gundam Build Fighters Try was somewhere in the middle. If the show addresses issues and themes which were already presented in the previous two series, is it doomed to failure and simply labeled a bland repeat? Not necessarily.


It’s Riku vs. Tigerwolf in a no holds fight to the finish.


The idea of senior character taking on the rookie he trained is not new. Back in Gundam Build Fighters, one of the best fights came when Ricardo Fellini faced off against Sei and Reiji, two young fighters Fellini had helped to support throughout the series. Watching the two combatants clash with everything on the line was intense and made you wonder who was going to win.

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Surprisingly, Gundam Build Divers is able to replicate the energy and enjoyment of the fight (not the intensity though, Sei and Reiji vs. Fellini still get the vote). As the veteran player, Tigerwolf, goes up again against Riku, his former student there is similarity between the previously mentioned fight but Gundam Build Divers finds a way to stand out and be different enough to prove its worth. Thanks to over the top moves and a deep introspective into Tigerwolf and his character dynamics the episode is able to entertain and add actual weight to the episode.

The premise for the audience has seen before but thanks to intense action and not having a predictable ending its a much more enjoyable episode. If more episodes of Gundam Build Divers are like this moving forward than the series will be much better off in the long run. Hopefully this trend will continue as the next episode seems to be mimicking a storyline from Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Gundam Build Divers is Streaming on The GundamInfo YouTube Channel.