Monkeys Fighting Robots


Riku duels the leader of the mass divers in hopes of finding a way to connect with his teammate.


It’s a duel to the death with Riku’s 00 Diver and Tsukasa’s No Name Astray. There is a lot of great action to be had with the two characters go at it with an old fashioned GP Duel. Unlike when fighting in GBN, if the model is damage it is real and your Gunpla can be damaged beyond repair. Just like in the good old days.

This is the strange feelings which come from this episode. Tsukasa, the villain of the series is insisting the old ways are the best ways. Considering these “old ways” were featured in the previous Gundam Build series, it feels very unnatural to have a villain the audience is supposed to despise rooting for such methods.

Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube

Of course this is balanced by through the fact Tsukasa’s character displays the essence of a bad fan. He acts like many of the fans who insist someone else is appreciating a series in “the wrong way.” This is one of the best aspects of the character as a villain more than anything shown before. This will help to give the series more gravitas moving forward as Tsukasa represents a type of fan someone could see in real life. One who would go out of there way to ruin everyone’s fun by insisting their way is the best way.

Overall, the potential of Gundam Build Divers being worth by the end appears and offered some good action as well. Next time, it looks like there will be a quest to obtain a new mecha. One can only hope it doesn’t take as long to make as it took Riku to master Trans-Am.

Gundam Build Divers is available on the GundamInfo YouTube Channel.