Monkeys Fighting Robots



As Riku comes face to face with the leader of the Mass-Divers, he will have to put everything on the line or risk all of GBN being destroyed.


Welcome one and all to your mid-series final boss battle, where everyone gives it there all but the points don’t matter. Well, they do matter, but everyone knows there is a second half to this series so there was a pretty good chance of at least some of the cast coming out on top.

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So, the leader of the Mass Divers, Tsukasa chooses not to show his proper Avatar but instead uses the form of a Haro. The fans all called it! They all knew a Haro would be the final boss of Gundam but no one listened! No, not really. Actually, using an evil Haro as a form downplays the menacing factor of Tsukasa. Even as he is laying waste to everyone with a Big Zam there is less fear watching a purple robot ball controlling the machine.

Also, the Deus Ex Machina reason why Riku can’t use Trans-Am has been lifted so he is able to use it to take on Tsukada’s Big Zam. It is good they aren’t constantly abusing the Trans-Am like the early forms of Super Saiyan but it was another element the audience all saw coming. His suit has the ability to become stronger through a mode and he would eventually be able to use it.

These are a few mistakes but their is a lot of good action in the episode to at least raise the score. Comparatively elements of the show are looking better at this point than they did in Gundam Build Fighters Try but not up to the level of the original Gundam Build Fighters. Of course it will be very hard to come out on top of the original.

Gundam Build Divers is available on the GundamInfo YouTube Channel.