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In DC Comics’ Dark Knights Metal #6, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia conclude their epic story, ending it with a bang, an actual rock concert, and hope for the future. Metal

Dark Nights: Metal #6
Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo
Inks by: Jonathan Glapion
Colors by: FCO Plascencia


Holy shit, what a ride! Dark Knights: Metal has from the get-go been a pure blast of imaginative storytelling and this final chapter works as an almost highlight reel of all the awesome that came before. This issue is filled with fantastic moments: Detective Chimp arriving with a squad of multiverse Batmen; Plastic Man unleashing his powers, Batman riding a fucking JOKER dragon; Batman teaming up with the Joker to take on the Batman Who Laughs (the best moment in the book!); and yes Damian Wayne’s band. Metal

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Scott Snyder sells all these with the right amount of attitude and energy. This is the kind of end to an epic every superhero fan loves; action-packed and dotted with great character moments.

Snyder also expands the scope of the DCU and brings back an old concept that Super Friends fans will surely go crazy for. Fuck it. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! It’s the freaking Hall of Justice!

Yet it’s not all about the epic, as at its heart Metal ends up being about the strength of friends and family pulling you out of a dark place. That’s something we can all relate to. Metal


The best way to describe how good the art in this book is: animated. The art team perfectly captures the energy and pace of the story. You feel like these panels and pages never stop moving. They are fluid. Your eyes dart around at all the color and details. It actually raises your pulse at times. It’s over the top in the best way and 100% what this narrative needs.

There is also some great use of font and lettering, especially how it’s utilized to create Barbatos speaking. It gives him an almost Dark Lord Sauron quality. Metal


Now that it’s over, you can totally count Dark Knights Metal as an instant DCU classic. It is the stuff of great epic superhero stories; world-ending stakes grounded with all the heart we have come to love about our favorite characters.

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review-dark-knights-metal-6This is the kind of an end to an epic every superhero fan loves; action-packed, filled with iconic images and dotted with great character moments. 5 Stars.