REVIEW: Comet Lucifer “ep. 7” – Everything I Wanted

Hurray for Comet Lucifer! And hurray for me! After a long and somewhat grueling run with Comet Lucifer I finally think it has found its footing. So many things went right this week, where they have not gone right weeks before. Everything certainly is coming together and I think its fair to say that Comet Lucifer might end up pulling it through up until the end.

Episode Summary

So we’re still with the gang as they head to find the Alter of Abyss. There are some fun camping antics as well as some mech battles in the woods. We learn more about Do Mon and how he and Alfried used to be war buddies. More government workings are going on and it seems that Felia is starting to react in a strange way to the earth.

Episode Thoughts

While I have always been thoroughly entertained while watching Comet Lucifer, this weeks episode was probably the first one that made me feel what was really going on in the show. Everything just hit in the right place for me to feel for what the characters were saying, what they were doing, and how they were reacting to things. This is a hard thing to point out since the only way I can think of is going back and saying why dialogue wasn’t working and then compare it to this episode, but just trust me, things feel like they were ramped way up.

For example, there’s a scene where Sogo is repairing their mech-car and Felia comes up to him and starts talking about the events that are happening and how Sogo will protect her. Having this scene feels more natural now seeing that they’ve been through so much stuff together and have grown as friends. It would have been weird if they threw this conversation more towards the beginning (I guess they couldn’t though since Felia wouldn’t have understood him anyway) but the feeling being shared between both of them felt really natural and heartfelt. Everything felt appropriate for what was going on and how characters would really act. Why couldn’t the first five episode’s have been like this?

So safe to say that since the characters are becoming more real that makes the situation being more impactful. This weeks mech fights actually made be feel some tension and excitement for what was going to happen. There was a good amount of stakes, and with the battle taking place in a forest instead of an open area, it made the fight more visually interesting. But I still feel like Moura is a push-over. I don’t care how strong Alfried is, Moura has earth magic on his side, so he should be able to hold his own.

Speaking of Alfried, I like where they are going with his being connected to Do Mon. I like how they are keeping the reason for the past war ambiguous and just focusing on these characters experience in it. I do wish that these nuggets were distributed more evenly throughout the show or at least hinted at earlier on, but they’re executing it nicely so I can’t really complain. Hopefully we’ll get to know more about Sogo’s mother and how all these people are connected. They put a lot of emphasis on Sogo’s mom, so she better be damn important when it’s revealed.

As for the other stuff they are holding back on, aka the military and government happening. I still don’t follow or care about that stuff. And they’re was quite a bit of that this week. Still don’t care about the old guy on the telescope or his sexy secretary. And now there’s a new guy and I don’t care about his either. They need a way to incorporate these characters into the story other than these separate scenes, otherwise it makes it feel like it doesn’t relate to whats going on with our main characters. This is just how I interpret this by the way. I’m sure someone watching this show could enlighten me on whats going on with the government and why they want Felia.

Comet Lucifer has had its ups and downs, but for the most part I have been entertained. My entertainment level this week went beyond my “just watching for fun” phase. I’m truly invested in whats going on with the story and the characters. It may have taken a while, but I’m hooked. And even though Comet Lucifer may have had a rough start, this is an episode review. And I’m really happy to give it such a high score!

Episode Rating: B+

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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