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The season finale of Castle Rock hits Hulu Wednesday and boy did it pack a punch, as you will question your humanity by the time the credits roll.

The spoilers will be kept to a minimum as the emotional impact of the series and episode are more important than plot details, but there will be a few. So, turn back now if you haven’t watched the episode and want to enter the finale pure.

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The Queen was the best episode of the series, as it was the most LOST type of story. Then, Henry Deaver put a twist on the series and made you question reality and how big the Castle Rock Universe could be. The finale, Romans, regarding quality and entertainment rests somewhere in the middle of those two episodes.

What Romans did well was not hold back on the death. As the body count escalated quickly, the intensity of the episode rose as well. (I wrote WTF! on my notepad five times throughout the episode.) The death was not just for shock value, it had meaning and made you question good and evil. This is to be expected in a Stephen King novel, but to translate those concepts to a show is harder than it looks, which is a credit to Dustin Thomason’s script and Nicole Kassell’s direction.

Review: CASTLE ROCK Season Finale

Going into the series with a LOST mentality helps, as you already know not every plot thread will be wrapped cleanly. Also, the interpretation of the finale will be different for everyone. Since Castle Rock is an anthology, who knows what we’re going to get with season two. With all of that said, the finale did enough for this viewer to enjoy the series. What will elevate the episode in the coming weeks are the debates and theories with my friends until the first episode of season two.

The way the finale is written, André Holland had to carry the episode and he did an exceptional job. Holland’s best work didn’t even involve speaking, as his character had the weight of the world on his shoulders along with shock and awe. Holland demands your compassion in the finale, and by the end of the episode, you openly give it.

Review: CASTLE ROCK Season Finale

Melanie Lynskey’s work on the series was a pleasant surprise, and her character Molly Strand was the most entertaining. Sissy Spacek has a scene in the finale that perfectly represents the quality and skill level she brings to the show, and if you listen carefully, you might get the answers you seek. Scott Glenn is not in the finale, but he deserves credit for his work on the series as well. The love you felt between Alan and Ruth is because of the talents of Spacek and Glenn.

Overall, Castle Rock is the second quality Stephen King series Hulu has produced, and I look forward to the third.

What did you think of the first season of Castle Rock? Come back here after you watch Romans and comment below.

Review: CASTLE ROCK Season Finale

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review-castle-rock-season-finaleThe season finale of CASTLE ROCK packs a punch, as you will question your humanity by the time the credits roll.