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The third season of Attack On Titan is really moving the story along much faster than in the previous season. No longer is there multiple episodes dedicated to finding holes in a wall and instead the plot driven drama is taking place every other scene.


Historia’s tragic backstory and her true identity is revealed.



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Just when anime has presented you with an individual who makes you think “You are the worst parent in history” they find a new way to prove you wrong. First the episode introduces you to Historia’s mother and then her father and really it’s hard to tell who is worse. How bad could they be? Well poor Historia is so desperate for affection she was willing to look at her mother shoving her away and giving her a bloody nose as a positive encounter. Of course its Attack On Titan so parents aren’t exactly supposed to be positive role models. Still you have to ask how Historia grew up to be such a good natured individual when she had such crappy parents.

The other members of the team also have encountered with individuals who help to showcase just how terrible the people of this world truly are. Hange is able to get her revenge on those who killed Nick through deceit and manipulation. Meanwhile Pixis revealed a story where he believes how his father was killed to protect the lies which keep the world together. It’s moments like this which frame the Scout Regiment as the only noble individuals in a world which is soaked in conspiracy and deception.

Though containing no titan fighting in this episode there is still plenty of human monsters to keep the episode very interesting. Makes a person wish to go watch some like How To Keep A Mummy and be reminded there is still goodness in the world.

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