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As tensions mount in Attack On Titan, its starting to feel like someone is stealing the show. You may notice. Blond hair, thought to be too good for the real world, and going through an insane amount of change over the course of these two episodes.



With time running out, the Scouts launch an all out attack to save Eren and Historia.

Attack on Titan

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The fight between the Scouts and Kenny’s team is a lot more one sided than one would think. Thanks to proper set up and finding a major weakness in the Anti-Personnel gear Kenny’s team uses, the Scouts find a way to pull off a pretty impressive counter attack. It’s impressive to watch and full of great moments of action.

Historia runs the gambit of emotions in this Attack on Titan episode. At first she seems out of character. She’s shown as a willing participant of the plan to eat Eren to gain his power. It’s not until you remember how she likes to be a people pleaser and just wants others to be happy does this sequence of events make sense. Of course, this idea is tossed out as she decides to grow a spine and not go along with the plot to ingest Eren. Basically it’s a total character transformation as Historia realizes you can’t please everyone everyday and sometimes you have no choice but to use some tough love to get the job done. This helps to show just how much she’s stealing the spotlight but it plays out even more in the next episode.

Attack On Titan


As a new Titan emerges, Eren must make an important choice to save everyone.

Outside The Walls Of Orvud District

In traditional anime style, thanks to a special potion Eren is able to use the Titan Hardening technique which he has been struggling to master at just the right moment to save everyone. It’s a bit a cheat but considering how emotional he is in the seconds before taking action, the entire episode could have easily devolved into nothing but flashbacks of Eren reclaiming his will to fight. So, the show gets a pass on use of the trope.

Historia takes a new rule in this episode and is seen as the voice of reason. She is quick to point out how use of the Titan powers, which they don’t full understand probably shouldn’t be use a way to save everyone. It’s almost like she’s thinking events through. This does does help to showcase the transformation she just went through in the previous episode and how she is a stronger person than before. Still could someone else have a moment of brilliance? Maybe Hange? The scientist whose whole life has revolved around studying what Titans can do. Seems she might be the more ideal candidate to say, “Let’s not bank everything on a new power we no nothing about.”

Despite the episodes manly serving to focus on how great Historia is as a character, there still is a lot of great action and drama to enjoy as well. With everyone up to speed on what is happening, the next episode looks to focus on some much needed Titan fighting action.

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The Walls Of Orvud District
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