Advance Review: ‘Jughead: The Hunger’ Is A Fun And Genuine Horror Comic

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Jughead: The HungerJughead: The Hunger One-Shot
Written by:
Frank Tieri
Art by:
Michael Walsh
Colors by:
Michael Walsh and Dee Cunniffe

Published by Archie Comics

Okay so this is an advanced review, and in an effort to avoid all spoilers (because the twists and turns are vital to the success of this comic) I am just going to give you some bullet points regarding the great stuff inside the pages of Jughead: The Hunger. Because it really is great fun.

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All you need to know really is that a werewolf is stalking the streets of Riverdale, and that lycanthrope may or may not be everyone’s favorite hamburger eating slacker.

Jughead: The Hunger

  • Like Afterlife with Archie, this book has a fantastic EC Comics vibe.
  • “The Riverdale Ripper” is an amazing phrase.
  • The book definitely does not hold back on the gore and violence. This a bloody comic book.
  • There is a much welcome disturbing sense of humor.
  • The art and colors by Michael Walsh and Dee Cunnifee are simply gorgeous.
  • Frank Tieri somehow still manages to capture Archie and the gang’s recognizable personalities.
  • This is still a classic werewolf story with plenty of mythology.
  • The pacing is damn near perfect and a great use of the “done in one’ format.
  • The totally spectacular twist with Betty Cooper that needs its own comic ASAP!
  • That shocker of an ending!
  • And even with all the horror, dark humor, and classic Archie archetypes, this is still a tragic tale.

Jughead: The HungerThere you have it guys. This is a definite must read, and another great example of how malleable the Archie property can be in the right hands. We need more of the Archie Horror books!

Jughead: The Hunger is due out March 29, 2017.

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