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Bruce Banner battles a possessed Sasquatch in this week’s Immortal Hulk #5 as the incredible Al Ewing shocks readers with a surprise wrinkle. Let’s crack this one open!

PENCILS BY: Joe Bennett
INKS: Ruy Jose
COLORS: Paul Mounts
LETTERS: Cory Petit


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Immortal Hulk 5-2


Banner hulks out to stop a raging Sasquatch that happens to be possessed by Bruce’s Dad, Brian Banner. After a trip down memory lane and a monstrous battle, the Hulk manages to pull it together and soak up the Gamma Radiation from Sasquatch turning him back into Walter Langkowski leaving him powerless and unpossessed by his Dad. As the issue wraps up, readers see a reflection from the Hulk that appears to be Bruce’s Dad looking back at him. When the Hulk soaked up the Gamma Radiation, did he also somehow get possessed by his father? We’ll have to wait until next issue to find out.

Immortal Hulk 5-3

Ewing’s Thoroughness

Ewing has been fantastically delivering theme after theme each month with his one shot style that knits together beautifully into this grand mosaic that finally delivers in this issue of Immortal Hulk. Not only does Ewing weave together each issue, but he also begins every narrative with a thought-provoking quote that summarizes the plot, the story, and direction of his run. No one can doubt the time, and research Ewing has spent to make Immortal Hulk one of the best comics on the shelves today.

Immortal Hulk 5-4

The Twist

Talk about a twist! This reviewer was totally blown away by Ewing’s reveal of Banner’s Dad being the “entity” possessing Sasquatch. Plus, the emotions and fear that Ewing shows the Hulk have during the fight were so impactful. No one scares the Hulk… except possibly the guy who really $&@! him up! Granted, this isn’t the first time a writer has used Brian Banner in a story about the Hulk.

He’s possessed other characters before and has showed up as Devil Hulk or even Guilt Hulk, however, the main idea is what Bruce’s Dad does to him psychologically. Technically, part of the reason the Hulk exists is due to the trauma of Brian Banner. Fans should be excited to see this more grounded Hulk that captures the history of the character while offering a “fresh” new direction for longtime readers as well as those just jumping on the series.

Immortal Hulk 5-5

The Art

Joe Bennett’s pencils speak for themselves. With some masterful layouts by Cory Petit, readers can scan through each panel and figure out exactly what’s happening in the story without much dialogue. Furthermore, the almost half-page splashes are strategically placed to amplify the enormity of the hulking creatures fighting while Ruy Jose’s inks capture a tight, clean look which aids in making each panel come to life.  Also, Paul Mounts’ colors bring a subtle, natural tone to the issue that is soft and welcoming while tremendously adding to Bennett’s spectacular detail.

Immortal Hulk 5-1

Should you buy this issue and/ or add it to your pull list?

Ewing and his art team work so well together. Bennett’s pencils, mixed with Jose’s inks, and Mounts colors, amalgamate into a perfect depiction of a true horror comic with hints of suspense, action, and affectivity. Also, the underlining theme of “the mirror has two faces” is profound and fits our lonely hero so well. Banner struggles with this concept daily and Ewing is attempting to hit this formidable character with one of the only things that could potentially stop him.

Physically, Hulk is a force of nature, and only a few could conceivably break him. Theoretically, Banner has already been mentally broken by his father. Therefore, Banner so desperately wants to be good but is cursed by the Green Goliath. Plus, as Bruce looks into the mirror, he sees a monster staring back at him. However, everyone else doesn’t see a monster. Some people like Ms. McGee and Walter Langkowski see the Hulk as something beautiful, powerful, and god-like. However, Banner only sees the pain, the scourge, and misfortune that follows in this behemoths wake. Ewing’s point is that in a mirror, everyone sees something different including heroes.

Immortal Hulk 5-7

So, who’s right? Well, this is the main theme that Ewing is driving home with the issue and he’s doing a masterful job with it so far. Pick this issue up and add it to your pull list moving forward. Hopefully, you find this comic as ponderous and heartfelt as this reviewer. Plus, fans get to witness some of the most fantastic action scenes drawn by one of the best creative teams in comics today. What is the Green Room? Is Brian Banner now inside Bruce? Is it indeed Banner’s Dad possessing beings from another realm? Readers will have to wait until next issue to find out. So, what are you waiting for? Get this issue now!

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review-al-ewings-twist-in-immortal-hulk-5-will-stun-fansBanner battles a possessed Sasquatch in this week’s Immortal Hulk #5 as Al Ewing shocks readers with a surprise fans will never see coming.