A stellar and emotional chapter that propels us towards the end of Spurrier and Evely' s beautifully complex run on The Dreaming.

Review: A Peaceful Unmaking in THE DREAMING #17

The Dreaming #17 is one of the most poetic and emotional chapters in this story so far. In fact, it’s likely one of the most beautiful chapters in all of the Sandman saga. Writer Si Spurrier’s complex but easily navigable plot is assisted by Bilquis Evely’s artwork in what is only the second to last issue of their phenomenal run.

Wan’s takeover of Dream’s realm is nearly complete. As his identity slips away, Abel only has one secret left in his pocket. And poor, tortured Lucien, lost and without purpose, longs for nothing but release, and to return to the foundations of the Dreaming. So why can’t he go? Does he have a purpose yet to serve? If he wants to die…why must he continue to pay the high cost of living?

Writing & Plot

Spurrier’s wide range from eloquence to simplicity in his writing is matched only by how tightly plotted his threads are. The complexity of The Dreaming‘s story so far is crescendoing to a tense and unpredictable climax. There truly is no way to guess at how this tale will end, and this of course makes it all the more engrossing. Spurrier’s often poetic narration is again reminiscent of Gaiman’s Sandman, but he still makes it his own. There are emotional beats and a specific character callback that will both thrill and devastate longtime fans of this universe. Again, this is a rather complex story, much like its predecessor and “Sandman Universe” cohorts. There can be quite a bit to keep track of and sometimes cryptic language to pore over, but it’s absolutely worth it to those who will give it the effort. Spurrier proves once again that he has been the perfect choice to take readers back to the realm of dreams, and it will be a wonder to see how his tale wraps.

Art Direction

Artistic phenom Bilquis Evely returns to The Dreaming to lend talents to the creation of this mythical setting. Once again, she succeeds in brilliant spades. The immense originality and detail given to this world made of dreamscapes is utterly breathtaking as usual. Environments are painstakingly drawn and delightfully unpredictable. Character features are as varied as the massive cast itself. Emotional moments are drawn with every ounce of artistic pacing imaginable. The colorwork by Mat Lopes is equally brilliant, using a massive array of gloomy and bright colors that give life to Evely’s pencils. The visual spectacle of this issue matches that of all of Evely and Lopes’ other issues, and that’s the highest praise that can be given here.

The Dreaming #17 is once again a poetic and beautiful triumph. Spurrier’s tight unpredictable plotting works hand-in-hand with his wide range of writing talent. The incredible artistic dreamscapes and emotional moments captured by Evely and Lopes are some of the best work in the medium. The Dreaming continues to be one of the best comics being published right now. With only one issue left in their run, be sure to keep picking this series up at your local comic shop.





Justin Munday
Justin Munday
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Review: A Peaceful Unmaking in THE DREAMING #17A stellar and emotional chapter that propels us towards the end of Spurrier and Evely' s beautifully complex run on The Dreaming.