Read The First Four Pages Of NIGHTWING #92

NIGHTWING #92 hits your local comic book shop tomorrow, but thanks to DC Comics, we have a four-page preview to share with our readers. The book is written by Tom Taylor, with art by Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas drops the colors, and you will read Wes Abbott’s letter work. Variant covers by Jamal Campbell, Jen Bartel, and David Talaski.

About the issue.
Blüdhaven mayor Melinda Zucco is in trouble—pretending to work for Blockbuster while secretly trying to take him and his gang of criminals down, while also working alongside Dick Grayson to uplift the city. But as his half-sister sharing the last name of the man who killed his parents, it’s…a lot to juggle, and enough for one to accidentally let slip a secret or two in the wrong company if she’s not careful… Meanwhile, Nightwing and Oracle cuddle up and decide to finally define their relationship.

Enjoy the preview below:

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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