Read The First 5 Pages: THE ALL-NIGHTER #7 (Comixology Originals)

From CHIP ZDARSKY and JASON LOO, the Eisner-winning team behind AFTERLIFT, THE ALL-NIGHTER is a story about found family and a new twist on superheroes!

THE ALL-NIGHTER #7 hits Comixology on June 21, but thanks to the digital publisher, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive five-page preview for our readers. The issue is written by Chip Zdarsky, with art by Jason Loo, Paris Alleyne drops the colors, and you will read Aditya Bidikar’s letter work.

Alex is bored–flipping burgers for strangers all night is no way for a vampire to live. But he and his fellow vampires Joy, Cynthia, and Ian have agreed to blend into human society. Inspired by superhero movies, one of few passions in his un-life, Alex decides to don a cape and start fighting bad guys. But his decision will have bigger consequences than he realizes—for himself and for everyone he wants to protect.

About this issue: Joy confronts her past while Andrea begins to realize that she can be a cop, or she can help her vigilante friends–but she can’t do both.


Enjoy the preview below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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