Punk Rock Jesus #5 : WWPRJD?

Punk Rock Jesus #5

Story and Art By: Scott Murphy

This issue picks up right where last issue left off. No jumping into the future this time just further escalation of a Chris’s Anarchist belief. After our Punk Rock Jesus declared that “God Hates You” publicly Thomas is in pursuit of Chris trying to  find him before J2 and The New American Christians do. If that sounds like a lot of plots it is but Scott Murphy manages to pull everything together very well.

His use of the media and how it relates to Chris aka Jesus Christ is smart and  it progresses the plot by having Chris answer questions about where his loyalties lie. Using the media now as his protection he is building an army of Secularists. At the core of this issue is ultimately Thomas coming to grips with Chris’s further lack of belief in god and himself as the second coming of Christ. Since issue one I’ve seen these two characters come full circle and there’s some truly heart breaking dialogue shared between the two. You get a sense that things aren’t going to get any easier in the last issue for either of them.

Throw in a few well choreographed action sequences and back story about Thomas’s history that helps drive his convictions and decisions this issue and you have a very solid issue of an amazing book. All of this drawn with amazing detail and love by Sean Murphy. This issue ends on a quiet note hinting at an all out war and amazing finish to Punk Rock Jesus. Punk Rock Jesus continues to be one of the most refreshing and creative comics I’ve read in years. Seek this book out you will not be disappointed.

Review Score: 9.5/10

Mike DeVivo

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