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Puerto Rico Strong, an anthology by Lion Forge, is a book with a mission. Though many comics are released with the goal to entertain or to inform, Puerto Rico Strong hopes to do both by focusing on the recent events which devastated an entire country.


This book is a collection of stories showing the pride and strength of the people of Puerto Rico. It showcases their diversity and the honored traditions of the culture. All profits from sales of the anthology will help the people of Puerto Rico with relief and recovery efforts.


Every story told in this book is unique. Each represents not only the voice of Puerto Rico and the strength of the Latinx people, but the power of the indomitable human spirit. It focuses on the rich heritage, the history of repelling discourse, and the unique perspective only the Puerto Rican people can offer. Writers such as Aldo Alvarez, Jeff Gomez, and Adam Lance Garcia all help to bring this story to life. Their efforts result in a deep and enriching experience everyone needs to check out.

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Puerto Rico Strong


A cavalcade of artists contributed to this project. Each bring a unique style to the project. Water colors, splash pages, and sequential stories are all employed to help to communicate the soul behind the community. Artists such as Jules Rivera, Kristen Van Dam, and Jamie Jones all lend their talent to this collection. Some like Ally Shwed, Tom Beland, and Rosa Colon contributed both art and story to the piece.


This review will not end with any type of numerical rating. Much like Love is Love, this book’s purpose is to raise money for victims and tell a story which was swept aside after 15 minutes on Mainstream Media and talk of thoughts and prayers on social network platforms. Recovery is not as quick as many would like it to believe. It takes time, patience, and fortitude which many do not possess. Still if this anthology represents merely a fraction of the strength held by the people of Puerto Rico, then they will succeed in rebuilding their home.