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With the women of the WWE set to make history again with another first-time-ever special match with RAW’s Elimination Chamber, the lackluster card and predictable outcomes dimmed the spotlight on this noteworthy event.

The kickoff show match between Good Brothers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows against The Miztourage’s Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel was the most appropriate for possible future storylines. The match was so run-of-the-mill, though, that the announcers spent more time talking about the night’s upcoming competitions instead of calling the match in front of them. Regardless, I hope that this sets up a good three-on-three feud to include these four men and their leaders Finn Balor and The Miz, respectively. That Intercontinental Championship belt would look really great on Balor’s waist in the near future.

Leading off the show was the Women’s Elimination Chamber match, a first in WWE history. Alliances worked at first, as each competitor seemed to have an ally at some point in the match. However, it quickly became every woman for herself. With the women being lighter and more limber, it was fun to see the ladies use the chamber structure to enhance their acrobatics. Alexis Bliss came out on top, keeping her WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Her victory speech was candy-coated in typical Little Miss Bliss style.

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Little Miss Bliss

Tag Team Champions were next, and again, another humdrum bout. The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro, seem unstoppable. With the tag team competition on the RAW roster being slim, it makes sense to just let these guys continue to take the single spotlight that shines on them with every entrance.

No one is ready for Asuka, even the Irresistible Force Nia Jax, and apparently, no one with WWE creative is ready to let her lose. She’s undefeated, which makes every match she competes in utterly certain. She won. Again. Go figure.

The insanity continued with the clash that we’ve seen over and over again with Woken Matt Hardy and the Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt. We have the googly-eyes and sinister laughs that make you wonder which of these guys is less crazy. Some were hoping to get a twist in the action with the return of Matt’s brother Jeff as Brother Nero, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for his return to the ring.

The most publicized ceremony of the night was the contract signing of former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. Not sure if the nerves took over or if she’ll be horrible at cutting promos, but she was shaky when handed the microphone. It’s no doubt that she can kick ass, but can she kick it on the mike, too? Wrestlemania 31 was the last time that Rousey was in a ring with WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H and Monday Night RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, which Kurt Angle made sure to make everyone aware of. Tempers flared and Rousey put her new boss through a table, making a contentious impression with her new colleagues.

Rousey HHH Stephanie

Wrestlemania 31 seemed to be a recurring theme of the night, with Roman Reigns victorious in the first-ever seven-man Elimination Chamber match. The top men of the WWE savagely battled, with the best-executed move of the night culminating with a four-man powerbomb to level the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman. Reigns victory was, again, not a huge surprise, as he has unfinished business with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar from that fateful night in 2015. The Wrestlemania 34 rematch of Lesnar and Reigns will be the first time the two will face off alone since then.

Roman Reigns
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With the predictability factor of this pay-per-view, I have to admit that I’m leery of the upcoming SmackDown event in two weeks, Fastlane. I know that we’re officially on the road to Wrestlemania and the card is being set, but with no twists in any saga, it seems like we’re just killing time until April 8.

What were your thoughts on the pay-per-view? Did you enjoy any of the matches? What feuds would you like to see come out of this event?

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