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Preacher Feature is a weekly analysis of the AMC show Preacher based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. In this column, we will give a breakdown of the events from the previous night’s show, including how they relate to the comics, and speculate as to what’s going on and what might be coming up. This is to say that there will be spoilers, both actual and potential. If you have not yet watched the episode in question or are watching the show without reading the comics and don’t want to have any foreknowledge of what might happen to Jesse and company, then you would do well to stop reading this now.

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Questions and Answers

Heading into “On Your Knees”, the penultimate episode of the season, Preacher fans have a lot of questions:

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  • Why did Genesis not work when Jesse tried to use the Word (Jesse’s power to make anyone who hears him obey his commands) on the receptionist? (dunno)
  • When will we find out what happened with the Saint of Killers? (now)
  • How much do I enjoy using the word ‘penultimate?’ (a bunch!)

So, let’s get right into it.  After confronting his greatest fears (Tracy Loach, a pervy scout leader, and his father), Eugene is one step closer to making good his escape from Hell.  I’m glad everyone’s favorite arse-faced teenager will soon be back on Earth, but I’m worried about the company he keeps (Hitler).

After a flashback to the Saint’s life “before the world shook to the thunder of his guns”, we find out that The Grail pulled the armored car from the swamp before Jesse and Tulip got the chance.  The Saint wants nothing more than to see his wife and daughter again in Heaven.  Hoover lets him know that isn’t going to be an option, but that the Grail still has something to offer if the Saint works with them.

The Saint of Killers may not be at full strength, but what strength he has is still enough to take out Tulip, Denis, and Cassidy on his way to Jesse.  He gets Jesse on his knees and is about to scalp him when the agents of Hell appear to call him back to perdition.  Ms. Mannering (Hell’s stern-faced caretaker) tells Jesse he’s lucky to have a friend like Herr Starr, so it appears that the Grail let the Saint out just to convince Jesse that they are on his side, in order to convince Jesse to become the Grail’s Messiah.

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Instead of a hospital, Tulip and Cass end up in the office of Herr Starr, who is still trying to tear the group apart in order to more easily control Jesse.  Starr tells the two that he plans to have Jesse become the Messiah.  Feeling as though Jesse is leaving them behind, Cassidy and Tulip walk out on him.  The episode closes with Starr kneeling before Jesse.


Why doesn’t the Word work on the Saint?  In “Sokosha” Jesse removed a part of his soul and gave it to the formerly soulless Saint, which allowed Jesse to use the Word to control him.  It looked like Hoover was reading the manual for the soul extraction machine, so my guess is he removed it, which means the Grail now owns 1% of Jesse Custer’s soul.

What does Satan want to talk to the Saint about?

Easter Eggs/Connections to the Comics:

A fake autobiography of former Vice President Dan Quayle entitled “The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow” falls on the floor during Cassidy’s “fight” with the Saint.

The Saint tells a story about a scalp hunter who described to him the sound scalping someone makes.  In the comics, the Saint was a scalp hunter himself before he met his wife.

Ms. Mannering refers to the Saint of Killers as William.

Best Line:

“God is gone…from our hearts” – The Pope


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