Pokémon X,Y and Z Anime Series Announced

The Pokémon Company is truly impressive when to comes to marketing campaigns. At the end of their latest movie; Hoopa and the Clash of Ages they teased the introduction of a new Pokémon. This as you might have guessed sent fans across the world into full speculation mode. Was it the reveal of the first Generation VII Pokémon or rather a new form set to play a role in the long-rumoured Pokémon Z.

On Monday, the Pokémon Company finally put fans out of their misery by revealing five different forms of Zygarde. Instead of being linked to Mega-Evolution, the forms are dependent on the number of cells that Zygarde has absorbed. That’s right, Pokémon has taken a page from the Dragon Ball school of character design.

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While this reveal, in and of itself, was enough to make headlines. It seems that the Pokémon Company were not satiated. Today they revealed the latest season in the long-running Pokémon anime; Pokémon X,Y and Z. The trailer shows Zygarde and Team Flare will take a more active role in the plot, potentially excluding them from headlining the next feature film. It also heavily hints at a meeting between Ash and Alain (star of the Pokémon: Mega-Evolution Specials).


While a new game in the series has yet to be officially revealed, one can only assume that an announcement is forthcoming if this trailer is anything to go by. In news that got less traction, the Pokémon Company also revealed that Ash’s Greninja would be getting a new form. The new season will see Greninja take on some of his trainer’s characteristic features as a result of their strong bond. While the specifics remain a mystery, we can assume that friendship and Mega-Evolution are sure to play a factor.


Pokémon X,Y and Z is set to premiere on Japanese TV on October 29 and will be coming to English speaking audiences in the near future.

Gary Moloney
Gary Moloney
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