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There’s Never Been An Asskicker Quite Like Pickle Rick

In a year of lukewarm Hollywood action movies, one animated sci-fi show is picking up the slack. The latest episode of Rick and Morty finally saw the debut of Pickle Rick, an ass-kicking experiment by Rick. Trying to escape from real life and family therapy, Rick’s plan backfires in a big way. It’s refreshing to see this character get some comeuppance for his usual selfish ways. Though, he still finds a way to use his talents to get out of any trouble. Pickle Rick is the only man who could build a jetpack out of sewer trash and rats!

One of the highlights of the episode is an extended fight sequence featuring Pickle Rick. It’s a brutal action scene with inspiration from action movies like John Wick and The Raid. Using borrowed body parts, the pickled version of Rick takes on a sewer full of rats. The way he disposes of them one-by-one is not only hilarious but wonderfully graphic. There’s mainstream action shows & movies that can never reach this level of violence.

For the other characters of the show, it was a more grounded episode. That didn’t stop it from being any less bizarre. Following Beth’s divorce from Jerry, she is seeking therapy for her and the kids. Something this normal would drag down any show, but not Rick and Morty. It didn’t take much for the therapist (guest star Susan Sarandon) to get under Beth’s skin. Surrounded by all of this science fiction is an unusual family dealing with normal family things. Well, as usual as a scientist grandfather who turns into a pickle.

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Somehow, the brilliant sewer fight was topped by a third-act battle in a secret government location. There’s too much to unpack between new character Jaguar to some shady operations, but it’s such a fun watch. Things get even better with a monologue from the therapist that completely deconstructs Rick. It’s passed over in true Rick and Morty fashion, and that’s what makes it even more important. People will only look for help when they need it; you can’t force it upon anyone.

Final Thoughts:

Even with the odd roll out of season 3, Rick and Morty remains one of the best shows on TV. Pushing the bounds of animation isn’t easy in 2017, but Dan Harmon’s sci-fi journey is doing just that. “Pickle Rick” is a unique episode for the show that progresses the narrative, but provides a unique singular experience.

You can catch new episodes of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, Sundays at 11:30 pm.

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