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There is definitely at least one new title coming to Image Comics that is flying low under the radar, but in a short while, will garner a lot more attention for the publisher this year.

What book is that, you ask? It’s a Sloane Leong spearheaded-project called, Prism Stalker, of which she does both the writing and art for.

The trippy ongoing sci-fi adventure tells the story of a young refugee raised away from her devastated native planet, named Vep, who is an indentured citizen in a foreign colony. She works for insectoid hosts, tirelessly, with no exit in sight, in a viscous citynest. Her duty is to her family and siblings, but the eye of opportunity is closing. What can she do from here? The answer appears quicker than she is prepared for.

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Prism Stalker is a story that I’ve carried close to my heart for a long time,” Leong told Image. “It’s changed over time, as I have, and has become something that’s given back to me, nurtured, surprised, and challenged me in different forms.”

The series is Leong’s first with Image since 2016 when she was part of the creative team that brought us the six-issue miniseries, From Under Mountains.

Prism Stalker #1 is available on shelves and in digital format now.


Check out Leong’s interviews about her new series with Image (HERE), Vice (HERE) and The Hollywood Reporter, HERE.

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