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A new era in the history of Spider-Man will begin as both Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley prepare to reimagine the character this summer.

The Amazing Spider-Man is back and this time will take on an alien invasion in New York City. Though that isn’t the only thing troubling Peter Parker, as a new revelation will put his job, relationships and whole life in jeopardy. Spidey will also have a roommate, new love interests and even a brand-new villain!

This will be Ottley’s introduction to the publisher who recently told them in an interview that the character was his gateway to comics.

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“It definitely feels full circle, I’m drawing what I always dreamed of drawing when I was a teenager,” Ottley said. “And to be honest, I’ve been drawing superhero comics so long on Invincible that I thought this would be business as usual, drawing superheroes, but that kid in me is having a lot more fun drawing these characters than I thought I would have! The change to a new project was a much easier transition than I anticipated. Thank goodness!”

This new series continues Marvel‘s ‘new beginnings’ movement in revamping, reloading and, in some cases, overhauling its characters, including with new creative teams.

Look for The Amazing Spider-Man #1 to hit shelves in July. A full list of all incoming ‘Fresh Start’ series for 2018 can be found HERE, while you can check out Ottley’s full interview with Marvel HERE.

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