Monkeys Fighting Robots

Issue #20 of BOOM! Studios Power Rangers will break ground like never seen before.  Writer Kyle Higgins and Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo are not only introducing a new team but for the first time in Rangers history, the team will include a male Pink Ranger and a female Black Ranger.  Speaking with IGN, Higgins said the issue will answer the questions “Who were the Power Rangers of 1969?  What happened to them?  And how do they fit into our current story?”.  As pictured below this throwback group of Rangers is led by Grace Sterling who was revealed as the original Red Ranger in issue #19.

Power Rangers

According to the synopsis, Zordon recruits this team to “Battle a foe who is downright…psycho”.  Seeing as how this issue takes place during the Cold War era which includes the space race and judging by the book’s cover, could Higgins be setting up the possible return of the Psycho Rangers?  Issue #20 of Power Rangers will be released on October 25th.

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