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The character Damage may be better remembered for his time on the Justice Society of America, but a new series by Tony S. Daniel and Robert Venditti aims to reintroduce the character in a completely new way. Prior knowledge of this character is not required or necessary to read this new series. In fact, recalling the previous character may actually make you very confused.


Ethan Avery is a soldier who has been turned into a monster and goes on a rampage. The issue is the play by play of said rampage.


Writers Tony S. Daniel and Robert Venditti want to make sure you are curious about what is going on in this new series. This is accomplished by offering very little details on the overall story. The plot is a little on the barren side, as it really is just watching Ethan, now the enhanced monster soldier Damage, as he cuts a path of destruction through a town as the members of his former team try and stop him. Most of the backstory and additional information comes from characters as they widely fire away at the large hulking mass of muscle. There are just enough hints of a larger plot to keep the reader interested, but a bit more detail work would have been appreciated.

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The art team pulled out all the stops and helped to make this comic worth the purchase price. Danny Miki on inks offers a very catching look for the new Damage. The character design has a look which screams of a genetically altered soldier from the DC Universe with a hint of Solomon Grundy to the mix.

Tomeu Morey on colors allows for an eye-catching effect works and adds to the destructive power of Damage.

Tom Napolitano on lettering helps to add to the intensity of the comic. The sound effects and character dialogues help showcase the rush which is the selling point of the entire issue.


Though light on story, the issue showcases some spectacular art and offers a set up for some interesting guests to come in the next issue. It may not be the Damage the few fans were hoping for to return, but maybe it’s for the better.