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This issue continues the fun yet epic story of the Justice League of China and their potential new recruit.

We returned to China to see its Justice League keeping busy and training. They go up against the Apokoliptian Sleez, which reveals that something peculiar is happening to Kenan, the New Super-Man. Instead of being drained by the enemy, Kenan unleashed a powerful energy, knocking Sleez out. Before the team can think more on that, they get a signal from North Korea. A new metahuman has surfaced; one that can create water and summon creatures from it. Who is this new metahuman and will he join our heroes of China?

Aquaman of North Korea

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**Some Spoilers Below**


When the team arrives in North Korea, they find a boy being carried by giant crab monsters. The crabs recognize Wonder Woman as a legendary hero and asked her to protect their ‘king,’ Kwang-Jo. Deilan, being the compassionate soul, agrees to take care of him and convinces the rest of the Justice League of China to help. They are able to get Kwang-Jo out of North Korea, but not before poking the beehive that is the North Korean Government. The league now has to decide whether to send their rescued meta back to prevent an international incident or keep him to see what exactly he can do.

Crabs in North Korea

This issue has something for everyone and is able to blend it perfectly. There is humor when there needs to be, yet still have serious moments. It keeps things topical by having a message that will have readers look to North Korea in a new light. There is epic action against the North Korean Army, as well as quiet moments of character development. Speaking of which, the characters are what truly carry this story. Every one of the heroes are incredibly relatable and just a ton of fun to watch. Even Kwang-Jo, despite being in this series for two issues, is likable enough to keep going.

North Korea Crabs talk


Last issue, I criticized Brent Peeples’ pencil work, claiming it doesn’t fit. This time around, Peeples shows that he can make a really cool looking story. His designs for the sea creatures that follow Kwang-Jo is imaginative and creepy. They truly feel as if they’re from an entirely different plane of existence. Peeples pencil work on the action sequence against the North Korean Army was fantastic as well. The only thing that could make this look better is great colors and Hi Fi gives us just that. Thanks to his colors, every panel draws readers in and locks them in for a ride.

The best example of both halves of the team at their best is the design of the Aquaman of North Korea. While it’s irritating that it was spoiled on the cover, the design looks phenomenal. Using the idea of sea dragons from myths in Korea, the team has created a terrifying yet somehow regal looking hero. Truth be told, I prefer this Aquaman design over the American one. The colors, scales, and general theme surpass Arthur Curry’s decades-old suit. It’s a fantastic design that caps off a well-done issue.

North Korea strikes!


This is another great chapter in this series that improves from the previous issue. The story is investing with epic action and relatable characters. The issue is imaginative and colorful thanks to the fantastic art team. It’s a great comic and if you need something to read this week, I wholeheartedly recommend this.

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