No, Alex Hirsch Didn’t Write ‘DETECTIVE PIKACHU’

The first trailer for DETECTIVE PIKACHU dropped today, sending the internet into a frenzy. Dropping in May 2019, DETECTIVE PIKACHU is directed and co-written by Rob Letterman (GOOSEBUMPS, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS). A while ago, there was an announcement that Alex Hirsch of GRAVITY FALLS fame was also involved with the script. However, those claims were greatly exaggerated.

Hirsch clarified his role on Twitter, when a fan asked how much of his writing DETECTIVE PIKACHU was using. “I was asked to be involved in very early brainstorming conversations, but I left early on to pursue other projects. Never wrote a page of script. Hollywood baby!”

Back in 2016, Variety reported that Hirsch would potentially write the film. Nicole Perlman (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, CAPTAIN MARVEL) was also in talks to write the film. While the article title makes it look like they were sure things, it’s clear both writers were still in negotiations. The actual writing team was announced in a January 2018 press release for the film. Letterman and Perlman are credited as the two writers for the film – not Hirsch. IMDB still has Hirsch credited for an “earlier screenplay,” but as Hirsch says, “That’s inaccurate! Never wrote a screenplay.”

While it’s a bummer Hirsch won’t be involved, DETECTIVE PIKACHU still looks like a blast. Perlman did fantastic work with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and this film looks to have the same brand of charm. Fans of Hirsch also have plenty to look forward to. Hirsch did some additional writing for INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, and has a multi-year deal with Netflix. And we can always hope that this means Hirsch is putting his animated-noir ideas into a DUCK-TECTIVE movie.

Jon Barr - TV Editor
Jon Barr - TV Editor
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