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Ninja-K #7 from Valiant Entertainment sees the super-soldier fully recovered from his wounds and putting together a team to fight against the nefarious forces preparing to unleash hell on Earth.

Ninja-K is the story of Colin King, a super-spy for the British MI6. King, as Ninja-K (the 11th graduate of the ninja programme), fights evil around the world. However, in the series, it’s not only technological enemies or other ninjas who stand in King’s way. Ninja-K takes place in the Valiant universe and crosses over with the supernatural forces of the Deadside from Shadowman and involves plenty of alien shenanigans brought about by X-O Manowar. In Ninja-K #7, techno, extraterrestrial, and supernatural forces come together in Mexico for an epic showdown.

Writing: Christos Gage
Art: Juan José Ryp
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: A Larger World Studios
Editor: Karl Bollers

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“Are you familiar with the expression ‘Nuke It From Orbit?’” – Ninja-K


Ninja-K is a plot-driven action comic, and so from issue-to-issue, there is a set-up and then a fight. It’s reminiscent of venerable TV shows like NCIS or any of those sort of procedural action shows. However, Ninja-K #7 plays more like the first half of a two-part episode. The issue begins soon after the previous one with Ninja-K recovering from his wounds. In classic, badass superhero fashion, he recovers super-fast, sits up, and pulls off all the medical things attached to his body. Ninja-K is inspired to rise by the appearance of Livewire, his girlfriend, and another super-being. Livewire, aka Amanda McKee, is a technopath which is able to control machines with her mind.

For most of Ninja-K #7, we’re sifting through a lot of exposition, most of it delivered by Neville Alcott, King’s handler from MI6. The primary action of this issue involves Ninja-K and Livewire going around gathering other team members. The plan is to form a group capable of countering each of the members of the bad guys and take them down. To do this, the good guys bring aboard Dr. Mirage, a psychic who communes with the spirits of the Deadside and Punk Mambo, a voodoo priestess with an unusual way of using her unique powers to summon monstrous spirits. The foursome comes together and boards a giant robot, the first weapon in their plan to take out their enemies.


Artist Juan José Ryp continues the steady work he’s established throughout the new series. Even with all the good guys and bad guys involved in the story, there’s no visual confusion. Everyone has a definite style, attitude, look and set of colors that readily identify them and exemplify who they are. One villain, Kostiy the Deathless, is a stone-headed immortal with endlessly rotting flesh who carries a massive stone mace. Another is an abomination and a Frankenstein of sorts. There’s little action in this issue, but Ryp and colorist Jordie Bellaire combine to keep the mood pushing the story forward. The action near the end is sudden and spectacular too.


Ninja-K #7 furthers the narrative of various powerful forces on a fast-track to an ultimate showdown. This issue is a lot of exposition, but if we’ve learned one thing about this series it’s that some satisfying and wild action follows its set-ups. Gods, monsters, and technology are ready to wage war in Mexico, and the cliffhanger ending is another one from Valiant that will make readers want to see what comes next.

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ninja-k-issue-seven-reviewNinja-K #7 continues the action-packed adventures of Colin King, the super-ninja who battles monstrous things from other worlds and other dimensions. Here, the series slows down for an issue to set the stage for a comic battle of insanely epic proportions.