New Twin Peaks Preview Features Andy and Hawk In New Scenes

Showtime’s latest tease of the upcoming Twin Peaks revival includes new footage! The clip, released earlier today, features glimpse of Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill), Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) and Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz).

It also features one line, uttered by Hawk (Micheal Horse): “Really.”

Oh, and Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is there, too.

Until today, Twin Peaks previews have been high on mood and low on content. Some trailers featured little more than signage. One featured returning cast talking obliquely about the revival. Another was little else than David Lynch eating a donut. And last week, Showtime revealed a few new shots of favorite locations.

Now, we can safely say that Andy and Hawk are still sheriff’s deputies — though the identity of the sheriff is in dispute — and Sarah is still drinking. Big Ed’s situation is harder to discern. Is he at the Gas Farm or the Bookhouse? Meanwhile, it seems Coop is still with the Bureau, but has Killer BOB been in his head all this time?

Post your theories on where the returning Twin Peaks characters have been all these years in the comments below.

Erik Amaya
Erik Amaya
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