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There is a lot of action, intriguing backstory, and surprising reveals in this issue of New Super-Man and the Justice League of China, which makes the whole issue a ton of fun.

The JLC was recently called to help thwart an attack in North Korea involving giant crabs. They were trying to kidnap a citizen, Ahn Kwang-Jo, claiming him to be their prince. Deilan, the Wonder Woman of China, believing the crab’s claims to be valid, agrees to take Kwang-Jo back to China. Despite the protests of Baixi, the Bat-Man, the League gets the prince out of there. While they are being debriefed, however, Kwang-Jo receives a visit from the spirit of King Munmu, the Dragon of the East Sea. Using his ancient magic, the king gives Kwang-Jo new abilities and a suit, labeling him The Dragonson to fulfill an ancient prophecy: flood the nation and wiping out the corrupt. Will Kwang-Jo conquer North Korea or become its new Aquaman?

Dragonson and the team?

**Some Spoilers Below**

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While Baixi and Deilan discuss what the next step for their guest is, the Dragonson tries to take down the League. Before he can do any significant damage, Deilan is able to get him to stand down. This allows the Chinese Lantern Corps, the Justice League’s replacement in the Government, to swoop in and capture the North Korean fugitive. While the Corps is able to grab Kwang-Jo and their traitorous informant, Baixi, the New Super-Man unleashes a new devastating power, which he swears to use to stop Kwang from fulfilling the prophecy.

There are plenty of exciting parts to this issue, as well as surprises. The action goes above and beyond when it comes to showing the skills of the League. Seeing them face enemies and their banter between one another makes every adventure a fun one. The real star of the show, however, is the newest member, Dragonson. He has the coolest moments and powers behind him as he faces the threat of the League pinning him down. We also get some interesting moments that will leave readers itching for the next few issues. A villain returns to give Baixi the fight for his life as the JLC rushes to save North Korea from the Dragonson and his power. It’s fun, exciting and makes me want to get the next issue now.

Dragonson attacks


Brent Peeples works on the illustrations, and his work goes above and beyond. Not only are all the characters given exciting designs, but their powers as well. The action scenes are fantastic, full of detail and Hi-Fi’s master colorwork. As much as Kwang-Jo looks great, Kenan’s new form surpasses it. The team makes this new form look otherworldly, yet still able to maintain the original look. The issue looks phenomenal, and we have to thank the team for that.

Dragonson v Super-Man

This is a fantastic installment to the series and exciting chapter to the arc. We have incredible action, humor, and excitement with the battles over the Dragonson. His design, along with the other characters, is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the fantastic art. It’s a fun issue, and I highly recommend it.

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new-super-man-22-review-dragonsonThe story of JLC meeting the Aquaman of North Korea is a fun, action-packed thrill ride.