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Netflix is currently in the discussion period for obtaining Luc Besson’s skills as a director. The online streaming service is rumored to be retaining the acclaimed director behind films like Fifth Element, Lucy and and Valerian: And The City Of A Thousand Planets for an undetermined amount of films which will be premiere through Netflix in the next few years.

On top of the securing the services of Besson, Netflix would also secure assistance from his production company, Europacorp. As the company is based in France this business transaction may allow Netflix to obtain more of a foothold in the European Market and help to expand their business. It also could result in Netflix obtaining the different library of titles Europacorp has created over the years. Perhaps even a TV series set in the universe of The Fifth Element.

If this deal does play out it will be interesting to see what comes from Luc Besson working for Netflix. Given the usual amount allotted to films produced by the company, there will either have to be an increase in how much is spent or a decrease in Besson’s visual production budget. Hopefully, it won’t be the second one and Mr. Besson will be able to bring his full talent to Netflix without worrying about breaking the bank.

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