Nebula #1 has a bold and fun plot, while providing brilliant artwork showcasing the more sci-fi elements of the series itself.

NEBULA #1 Begins Her Quest for Change (Or Victory)

Nebula #1, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, is the start of an all-new miniseries focused on the conflicted rogue we love so much. Or love to hate, depending on how you look at it. Nebula is not a character out to make friends or allies, but that just makes her solo story all the more intriguing for fans.


This issue marks the start of a five-issue miniseries following the one and only Nebula. She’s a conflicted and tortured character, and one that has more than earned a chance to tell her story. But given the opportunity, what sort of story will she be inclined to tell?

Nebula, like Gamora, is the adopted daughter of Thanos. Unlike Gamora, she didn’t receive special treatment (for being the favored daughter and all that). That has, understandably, resulted in some bitter feelings on Nebula’s part. Bitter feelings that she’s been drowning in for years.

Perhaps that is the reason she starts off this series with such a drastic measure. For it’s clear that Nebula is desperate to bring change into her life, regardless of any and all risks that may come with it. But then again, this is Nebula we’re talking about…

And so Nebula’s quest begins…by scaring a little girl?

The Plot

Nebula #1 is everything it promised the fans it would be. It’s dramatic and full of all that fantastic Nebula angst fans have come to love. Mind you; this is the Nebula we’ve come to know from the comics. Not the MCU version of Nebula, where she’s found a semblance of peace for herself.

Vita Ayala brings us Nebula in her pure and raw form. A Nebula who is still fuming about everything that has been done to her, and as such, is actively seeking to get an edge. Something, anything to let her escape the shadow of Thanos (and Gamora).

If that sounds like a lot of raw emotion, that’s because it is. Ayala bottled all of that up and tucked it neatly beside the core of this plot. Mainly, that plot involves Nebula getting in over her head, all in the name of doing some great (and dangerous).

In that sense, this series is already proving to be exactly what we expected. But there are actually quite a few surprises to go alongside that, such as the way this issue concludes. It’s unlikely that any fan will see that little revelation coming. Nor can we predict how it’s going to go from here. But we have four more issues to find out.

Nebula is ready for a fight, and perfectly content to grab a child by the head.

The Art

The Cover for Nebula #1 is one of the most vibrant and dynamic covers coming out this month. So for that reason alone, this issue deserves a little bit of attention. The artwork inside is also quite noteworthy, as well as being unafraid to have a little fun.

The artistic team really ran with the concepts provided for this issue. The scenes laid out are either striking or fascinating, depending on what is being depicted. The trick that Nebula sought out was especially well portrayed, with clever alterations to any expectation set.

Claire Roe was the lead artist, with Mike Spicer providing the coloring, and VC’s Travis Lanham doing the lettering. Together they brought us a dramatic issue, one full of fighting, anger (again, this is Nebula we’re talking about), and science fiction insanity.

Well, at least now the reason for grabbing that kid makes sense…

In Conclusion

Nebula #1 is a chaotic and highly entertaining introduction to her latest miniseries. It’s got everything fans could have expected and hoped for – as well as a few surprises to keep us going. The artwork made the entire plot all the more interesting, especially thanks to Nebula’s ability to get herself into the strangest battles.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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NEBULA #1 Begins Her Quest for Change (Or Victory)Nebula #1 has a bold and fun plot, while providing brilliant artwork showcasing the more sci-fi elements of the series itself.