MULTIPLE MAN #3 Review: Nonstop Insanity


Death, destruction, killing, and even more killing all in this week’s MULTIPLE MAN #3 as Matthew Rosenberg slaughters every last bit of hope the future had of stopping the evil Dictator Jamie Madrox Prime. Let’s take a look!

WRITTEN BY: Matthew Rosenberg
ART BY: Andy MacDonald
COLORS: Tamra Bonvillain
LETTERS: Travis Lanham




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MM 3-1

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The story opens with Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, escaping his destruction from 7,000 duplicates by running back to their hidden bunker. Jamie, as well as the surviving ”good” duplicates, fight off as many of the doubles that they could.

One by one, each super powered Jamie Madrox duplicate dies protecting the ”good” Jamie until all that remains is the original Madrox Prime’s son and the ”good” Jamie. Lucky for Jamie, right before his capture, Forge sent some of Jamie’s ”good” duplicates into the future for help.

Well, after shooting Jamie Prime’s son in the head, the evil duplicates take our ”good” Jamie to meet the evil Emperor Madrox. The issue ends with the Emperor cutting ”good” Jamie’s head clean off on top of a Beast-skinned rug.  Where does Matthew Rosenberg go from here?

MM 3-2

The Best Part

Matthew Rosenberg’s creative humor, witty dialogue, and funny situational comedy drive the issue through the maniacal destruction of the evil Emperor Jamie Madrox Prime. Sure, some of the timey-whimey time-travel pieces are a bit confusing but Rosenberg does a fantastic job masking them with action scenes, and over the top, jaw-dropping revelations.

For example, readers will be shocked to see that everyone dies in this issue. Every last dupe, Beast, Lockjaw, and even Jamie Madrox Prime’s son gets shot in the head and killed. Rosenberg reveals one shocking moment after another that will keep readers on the edge of their sofa. And when readers couldn’t get more surprised, Rosenberg decapitates our last Jamie Madrox who readers have been following throughout the entire story. The Multiple Man may be the perfect character for Rosenberg to write. I only hope some version of the Multiple Man manages to stick around after this mini-series is done.

MM 3-3

The Art

Andy Macdonald does a fantastic job of capturing the personality of both Rosenberg and Jamie Madrox throughout the issue. I enjoy a more realistic tone and feel with my art, but readers can genuinely appreciate Macdonald’s style and his portrayal of each gruesome death that the Multiples meet. MacDonald’s art is well detailed and fits so well with the ridiculous nature of the stories theme. Together with Rosenberg, readers can see the fun that Macdonald had creating this issue.

MM 3-4

Should you buy this issue?

Absolutely! From the first page, readers can see the pure insanity Rosenberg puts into this issue. Plus, with the help of Macdonald setting the mood and tone with his art, readers instantly see the creativity and heart this team has for the character and the story. Rosenberg kills everyone including all our Marvel Superheroes. Just look on the wall at the end of the issue to see how many heroes Emperor Jamie Madrox killed! This comic is off-the-wall nuts and loads of fun. Pick this sucker up!

Should you add this to your pull list?

Well… Yeah! If you’ve read the series to this point, you got to read the next issue. Where does the story go from here? Every Multiple died including our stories hero version of Jamie Madrox. I assume the dupes sent to the future will come back ready to fight and take down Emperor Jamie Madrox. Or, maybe the X-men come to help with the Chrono Beacon? However, seeing how nuts this issue was and knowing now that Rosenberg will throw anything at the readers, who knows what’s going to happen next issue? Point is: get these past three issues and add this to your pull list for the last two issues. Paraphrasing Mugatu: ”It’s that damn Rosenberg! He’s so hot right now!”


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