Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Has a Showrunner, ‘Iron Fist’ Showrunner Scott Buck

As everyone here has been talking avidly about The Inhumans TV show on ABC, we didn’t know who was running it. We wonder no more thanks to, Scott Buck, showrunner of the upcoming Iron Fist on Netflix is serving as showrunner and executive producer on The Inhumans.  If you’re not entirely familiar with Scott Buck he worked on the last three seasons of Dexter, Six Feet Under, Rome, and Coach.  Now we have a showrunner and executive producer, we know who is in charge of The Inhumans. Now we ponder, what is the next stage of all this?

Showrunner and Executive Producer are one thing for The Inhumans, now we need to see what’s next.

Here’s one thing I learned about Scott Buck, his last three seasons of Dexter were mixed among fans. On the other hand, his Iron Fist could turn out to be great, so who knows at this point. We still don’t know who’s going to be writing the series or anything else of that nature. We know the focus of the series with Black Bolt and his family and it’ll be filmed in IMAX. The series is primed to be huge for Marvel and ABC, with the first two episodes debuting in IMAX theaters for two weeks starting on Labor Day Weekend 2017.

With the big IMAX debut, we will then have the ABC debut on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 for the eight-episode series. The Inhumans is locked and loaded to be a big draw from the start. If they’re putting Scott Buck in charge of it, all I can say is they must really like what he’s doing on Iron Fist. That’s what caught my eye, Iron Fist isn’t even out yet and he’s already set for The Inhumans. This announcement shows that Marvel must have a lot of faith in him. We’ll know more soon enough.

Now I put it to you the Internet Universe, what do you think about this announcement? Let me know in the comments below. At least we are starting to put The Inhumans puzzle together, one piece at a time.

Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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