Marvel Comics Exclusive Reveal: KING IN BLACK: GWENOM VS CARNAGE #3

KING IN BLACK: GWENOM VS CARNAGE #3 is due to hit your local comic shop in March, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has the privilege of revealing the cover and solicit text for you today!

The comic is by writer Seanan McGuire and artist Flaviano, with a cover by Ken Lashley.

About the issue:

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Unwittingly pulled into her bandmate Gwen Stacy’s interdimensional adventures and the Marvel Universe, MARY JANE WATSON of Earth-65 has bonded to a symbiote and become a new and deadly iteration of CARNAGE!

As dragons rain from the sky and New York finds itself on the precipice of the abyss, it’s up to Gwen Stacy to rid MJ of the symbiotic spiders that have infected her and get them both home — while saving any civilians MJ endangers along the way!

The issue will be the conclusion to the three-part miniseries.

Check out the KING IN BLACK: GWENOM VS CARNAGE #3 cover below:

marvel comics exclusive gwenom carnage

Are you looking forward to this Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson symbiote showdown?? Sound off in the comments!

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
Editor-in-Chief for Monkeys Fighting Robots. A lifelong fan of Spider-Man and the Mets, Anthony loves an underdog story. He earned his B.A. in English because of his love for words, and his MBA because of his need for cash. He considers comics to be The Great American Art Form, and loves horror movies, indie dramas, action/thrillers, and everything in between.