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The Netflix original series, Voltron: Legendary Defender has returned for a fifth season. Just as it seems like things couldn’t get more intense with this show, the creative team found a way to kick it up a notch and make these six episodes an intense ride which is over far too soon. How does it stack up when compared to the other four seasons?



It’s hard to imagine saying previous seasons used their episodes well when compared to this one. Every one of these six episodes features blink, and you’ll miss something important moments. By the end of the second episode, the status quo is shaken up, and things will never be the same. Insane isn’t it?

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Lotor was an incredibly exciting character to watch this season. Given his previous actions and the evil, he committed in other Voltron series this new one incarnation is proving to be something else entirely. It almost gives the impression he honestly isn’t as evil as his father, but there always is a chance for more developments in the future.

Every character gets a bit of development this season, but it seems like two don’t get a moment to shine. Both Hunk and Coran didn’t get the screen time they had in previous seasons. At least not compared to the rest of the cast. Still, this is a minor detraction made up by the incredible scenes which take place in these six episodes.



There seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in this season’s animation. For every moment of fluid action and art which is good enough to be framed and put on the wall, there seems to be a scene or two which just doesn’t feel right. Characters seem less polished in a few moments, and it is just a tiny bit distracting. Still, the good moments outweigh the bad but it is important to point out how these animation errors aren’t’ going unnoticed.



The music continues to find ways to elicit the right emotions for the exact scenes. When the scenes need to be tense, the music feels like a heartbeat throbbing through the speakers. When moments are funny, the music helps you to laugh along with the humor. In short, the soundtrack continues to be inspiring.



This show isn’t running out of steam anytime soon. The showrunners know exactly what they are doing and keep creating an unforgettable series which isn’t just for fans of the franchise but for any who hold animation close to their heart. Now comes the wait for more episodes. Luckily, Netflix already announced season 6 will be here on June 18th, 2018.