Kevin Smith Reveals ‘Mallrats 2’ Now 10-Part Mini-Series, New ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ Developments

You gotta hand it to Kevin Smith: the man has a hell of a work ethic. Even if his content these day is, shall we say, less-than-stellar, the Clerks filmmaker knows how to keep himself working. And working. And working. And working some more. He has his newest film, Yoga Hosers, coming out next month, he recently directed an episode of The Flash as well as a segment in the anthology horror flick Holidays, he announces new projects like his life is on the line and he just revealed that his gestured Mallrats sequel might not be merely a sequel but, in fact, a 10-part mini-series. Remember when he said he was going to retire?

Smith revealed the new developments towards his forthcoming Mallrats project when talking with Philadelphia’s Preston and Steve Morning Show (via ScreenRant). Once promised to be merely a film sequel to the original film, it sounds like Smith is going the way of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and giving the continuation to his 1995 cult favorite the extended format treatment. Meanwhile, he revealed that filming is still planning to commence in the Exton Square Mall. The start date is still undetermined, but it might now happen sooner than later.

According to Smith, the writer/director had to reconfigure the sequel. He started talking about the sequel before he wrote the script or secured the financial details with Universal, who retains the rights to the original, and now he’s negotiating with the studio to make the project come to life. But this isn’t the only television program Smith’s working on at the moment. The Comic Book Men producer revealed he has secured the details on his proposed Buckaroo Banzai continuation. He couldn’t reveal who picked it up, but he announced on Twitter that he had “3 serious suitors” express interest. Don’t be surprised if it’s AMC, the home of his other TV series. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s who ends up picking up the Mallrats series too.

After his Flash episode, Smith feels he’s “comfortable” in the medium, and he wants to continuing working there for the foreseeable future. He also has plans to direct more episodes of the popular CW series in its upcoming season, he revealed. As for what he has going on for the next few months, it’s always up-in-the-air. He has promised various films, including Moose Jaws, Clerks III, Helena Handbag, Hit Somebody and Hollyweed, another TV project. Although, that one is merely a pilot. Needless to say, Smith isn’t desperate for work, but it looks like Mallrats: The TV Series could very well be the next.

Will Ashton
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