Kellan Lutz There’s A Super Hero Film With My Name On It

Actor Kellan Lutz phoned in to talk with us about the season finale of FOX’s Bullseye. Lutz also talked about his upcoming project “Extraction” with Bruce Willis, his goal to be in a super hero film, and his favorite charities.

During the interview Lutz almost slips up and lets us know what super hero film he will be in, but we do find out that he’a huge X-Men fan.

The season finale of Bullseye is Wednesday, July 15th on FOX.

Bonus track: Star Wars Slave Leia controversy in Philadelphia.

Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Kellan Lutz most recently starred in the feature films “The Expendables 3,” “The of Legend of Hercules” and in the worldwide phenomenon “The Twilight Saga” franchise. He will next be seen starring opposite Bruce Willis in the action feature “Extraction.” Lutz began his acting career as a series regular on the cable series “The Comeback,” opposite Lisa Kudrow. He was also seen in the network series “90210,” “Heroes,” “Summerland” and the award-winning cable mini-series “Generation Kill.” When not acting, Lutz is an avid enthusiast of extreme sports. Born and raised in North Dakota, Lutz had a simple upbringing but learned to live every day to the fullest. From sky diving to parasailing, from motor cross to white water rafting, he has always approached life as an adventure. Lutz also gives his time to three charities: PETA, the Royal Family Kids’ Camp, and the St. Bernard Project

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