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Justice League #7 will knock your socks off as Scott Snyder concludes his first arc on the series.

WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
PENCILS BY: Jim Cheung
INKS: Mark Morales, Walden Wong, and Cheung
COLORS: Tomeu Morey
LETTERS: Tom Napolitano


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JL 7-3

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Barry manages to close the Umbrax using the Still Force while Aquaman battles Black Manta, Cheetah, and Grodd with two huge sharks. Also, Hawkgirl holds off Lex Luthor at the Totality and claims it for the League while realizing she’s somehow profoundly connected to all of this.

On top of everything else, John Stewart continues to fight Sinestro and hold off the Ultraviolet Corps with his new Green Lantern ring that manifested itself out of thin air. And if all of this wasn’t enough, the issue wraps up with Starman time traveling from the past to deliver a message while Lex makes a deal with the Batman Who Laughs to help defeat the Justice League and access the Totality.

JL 7-2

The Stage Isn’t Too Big

Snyder did a tremendous job throughout the first arc having the heroes come together and gradually find a way to win. The Justice League doesn’t win on the last page with a newly created magic metal or a magical wish. The League wins with heart, determination, and true teamwork that has been building since issue one. Snyder found a way to get as many heroes involved as possible, gave them each a purpose, and showed readers a Justice League that worked together to overcome a universal disaster throughout multiple issues. Snyder did a fantastic job balancing so much in this opening arc and showed fans that the stage isn’t too big for him to handle.

JL 7-1

Enjoyable but Complicated 

Snyder’s wrap up issue still seemed complex and overly intricate. His attempts at explaining the Totality, the Umbrax, and the Still Force were present in the issue, but after several reads continued to confuse. But, even though Snyder may have left some readers bewildered (or maybe just me), the overall plot was exciting and enjoyable. Ironically, the story felt complete even though it had many purposeful dangling plot threads. Snyder made this issue feel important and worthy of fans time while keeping each character true to his or her heritage and roots. There is no doubt that Snyder captures the voice of every character throughout the issue.

JL 7-4

The Art

Jim Cheung’s pencils were remarkably detailed, stimulating, and vibrant. Cheung’s backgrounds were thorough, his designs of the characters faces and hands were precise, and each Justice League member was drawn so well with appropriate poses and action sequences. Mark Morales and Walden Wong’s inks were clean and crisp while Tomeu Morey’s colors packed a heavy punch on each page. Tom Napolitano’s lettering brought the issue together, making the movement from panel to panel feel natural and organic. Together, this team didn’t miss a beat following Jorge Jimenez and his art team. Snyder is working with some fantastic artists on Justice League that help to elevate the book to another level.

JL 7-Cov2

Should you buy this issue and/or add it to your pull list?

Cheung’s pencils, Morey’s colors, as well as Morales and Wong’s inks, were simply phenomenal. Snyder’s story was captivating and fun regardless of this reviewer’s lack of understanding in a variety of areas. Ultimately, no one can doubt Snyder’s creativity and passion for DC Comics. The man is a legend. However, sometimes his ideas here become somewhat busy and complicated, which can pull readers out of the story. For example, what are the rules with the Still Force and Totality moving forward? The good news is, as the writer, Snyder can create and establish the rules to be whatever he wants. Regardless, the issue is worth the buy and should still be on your pull list moving forward. The genuine hope is that readers gain clarity as the series continues and Snyder further develops some of the rules surrounding these fantastically epic and other-worldly forces moving forward.

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justice-league-7-scott-snyderJustice League #7 will knock your socks off as Scott Snyder concludes his first arc on the series