‘Jean Grey’ #2 Assembles Crew Of Former Phoenix Hosts

Time displaced mutant teenager Jean Grey finds herself being courted by the fiery cosmic Phoenix entity. In an effort to avoid following her adult future’s footsteps, she seeks help from fellow X-Men with previous experience. In Jean Grey #2, our young hero assembles a crew of former Phoenix hosts.

Jean Grey 2 cvr


The Phoenix has contacted Jean, she consults Beast and the scientific community on the matter, only to find nobody believes her. Ms. Grey uses Cerebro to reach out to former hosts of the cosmic force. She finds Hope Summers in danger and intervenes.

Colossus, Magik, Rachel Summers, and Quentin Quire arrive for assistance and consultation. As the “Former Phoenix Force” tears through an underground Reaver hive, Quentin gives Jean a tour through the groups mental experiences with the Phoenix.

Jean Grey 2 Former Phoenix Force

What a lovely group of fan-favorite X-Men to watch take down waves of cyborg enemies. All utilizing their unique abilities together while giving Jean a look inside their heads courtesy of Kid Omega’s psychic bullets.

Two issues into the run, written by Dennis Hopeless, it’s been a surprise hit. Coming into a solo Jean Grey series, readers didn’t know what to expect. Hopeless has so far delivered a fast and fulfilling experience. Between this title and the fabulous X-Men: Blue, Jean might be the character benefitting most from ResurreXion.

Quentin Quire has been getting the star treatment he deserves recently. Between Generation-X, Mighty Thor, and Jean Grey, his heavy involvement is a good sign for X-Men comics.

Jean Grey 2 Quire

Seeing Hope Summers appear was also a major highlight. She’s one of the most crucial players in the mutant cause that is usually left on the shelf for some reason. Hopeless and artist Victor Ibanez show her becoming more like her father, Cable, in both appearance and attitude.

Jean Grey 2 Hope

As always with X-Men comics, they function best within a team dynamic. This issue is no exception, these former Phoenix hosts have a collaborative chemistry that provides a stunning visual.

The Summers’ provide a more optimistic approach to Jean’s impending fate, while Quentin and Magik do their best to terrify the young teen. Her lack of understanding, thanks to Quire’s aggressive approach, leads her to seek out Namor in the next issue.

Jean Grey 2 Reavers

Hopeless scripts an intriguing tale of the girl trying to avoid her seemingly unavoidable future fate. Ibanez fills every page to capacity with stunning action paired with carefully crafted layouts and designs. The combination of Jay David Ramos and Chris Sotomayor top it off by fulfilling Marvel’s promise to make X-Men comics colorful and lively again.

There’s a lot to celebrate about this series so early on. As long as Marvel manages to keep the creative team together, they should be able to continue dazzling readers as Jean attempts to forge her own path in life.

Jean Grey 2 Phoenix

Jean Grey #2 is worth your time. This issue does more to satisfy longtime fans and newcomers alike than even X-Men: Gold. Hopefully Marvel recognizes this and keeps the team together, they have plenty more to contribute to their successful turn around of X-Men comics.

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