It’s Punchline Vs. Harley Quinn In BATMAN #93 Preview

With comic book shipping now on the way back to normal, DC Comics has released a preview of Batman #93 by writer James Tynion IV, and artists Guillem March & Javier Fernandez. With new villain Punchline and the upcoming “Joker War” storyline, the next few months promise to be big ones in the Bat-books.

Here’s the description and some preview art:


Batman #93 Features the Biggest Showdown of 2020

In Batman #93 (on sale June 23), The Designer finally crosses swords (literally) with Batman as he reveals his grand plan for Gotham’s worst criminals to finally take control of the city! And if that’s not enough, this must-have issue features the showdown that every comic book fan has been waiting for, as Punchline squares off against Harley Quinn!

Batman faces off with the Designer as “Their Dark Designs” nears its epic climax! In the last year, Batman has lost more than he could have imagined, and now he faces a cost so dear it will change the course of his life. And there is worse on the horizon. Amid all the horror, he can feel the drumbeat of battle. “The Joker War” is coming, and Gotham City will never be the same!

Enjoy these interior pages featuring awesome art by Guillem March and Javi Fernandez, and don’t miss this issue when it hits comic book stores and participating digital retailers on Tuesday, June 23!

Kevin Sharp
Kevin Sharp
From alternating Batman & Green Lantern as childhood Halloween costumes, to getting punched in my adolescent heart by Love & Rockets, to playing convention sidekick to the legendary Len Wein, I feel like the comics medium & characters are part of my DNA.