Monkeys Fighting Robots sat down with Tom Taylor at MegaCon 2019 and talked about the writer’s current superhero horror comic DCEASED, as well as what’s coming up in his Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man series.

Check out the full interview with Tom Taylor here:

Tom on where “the line” is when writing a gruesome horror story like DCEASED:

“I haven’t found it yet … I just sort of hack at the line with a blunt knife and DC goes ‘sure, yeah.'”

On who Peter Parker is at his core:

“He’s just a very good person who wants to do good and help people around him and I love him.”

On bringing out readers’ emotions:

“I made Mitch Gerads cry on a plane [with Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6]… YES! Yea, no, I’ve made lots of people cry in public and that’s always one of my favorite things.”

On what’s coming up in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man:

“You’re going to get to see an all new villain, actually. Not sure if I can say that, but I just said it!”

Thanks again to Tom Taylor for taking the time to talk with us. Tom’s currently writing DCEASEDFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, all of the Star Wars: Age of Resistance titles, and more. You can also watch his TV show The Deep on Netflix!

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Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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