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Monkeys Fighting Robots had the chance to speak to indie comics creator Michel Fiffe (Copra/Zegas) about his new continuation of classic Extreme Studios title Bloodstrike, the appeal of 90s comics, and communicating with Rob Liefeld via albino ravens.

Michele Fiffe

MFR: First off, thanks for taking the time. I know it’s convention season and everyone is crazy busy!

Michel Fiffe: No problem. Let’s do this!

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MFR: Alright, so I know from reading the afterword you and I came into comics at roughly the same time (I’m from Miami, too and A&M was my LCS!). What do you think made that such a great period to get into comics (because I love it, even though it gets SO much hate)?

Michel Fiffe: Comics were a fairly common, ubiquitous hobby that got bit [by] the speculator bug. Some corny things came from it but some raw, batshit crazy things came from it, too. Shout out to A&M, peddlers of filth and dreams.

MFR: Oh and one thing, props for the D.R.I. reference on Deadlock’s shirt! What made you choose D.R.I.?

Michel Fiffe: Deadlock is the kind of guy who would be found in the pit at one of their shows when not stealing cars or lurking behind alleyways.

MFR: What comic (or comic artist) made you want to make comics?

Michel Fiffe: The original He-Man mini-comics that came with the toys. First comics I read.


MFR: What was it about Bloodstrike that made you want to bring it back from the dead (pun intended!)?

Michel Fiffe: A deep down desire to see their costumes in print again.

MFR: What was your process like for Bloodstrike?

Michel Fiffe: I plotted the entire thing before anything. That was the biggest challenge, to fit as many elements into a tight narrative as I could. Scripting and drawing it was next. Every step of the way was really fun, to tell you the truth.

MFR: Did you have a lot of contact with Rob Liefeld?

Michel Fiffe: He would actually send little notes strapped to albino ravens that would say “keep up the good work.”

MFR: What do you hope a reader gets from Bloodstrike?

Michel Fiffe: A fun experience that can only be found in comics and that will be reward upon subsequent rereading. I stuffed this thing to the gills.

MFR: What comics/creators do you follow today?

Michel Fiffe: I had a tiny shred of everyone I like do contribute to the Brutalists book: Paul Maybury, Chuck Forsman, Ed Piskor, Benjamin Marra, Buster Moody, Gianis Milonogiannis, Matthew Allison, Zack Soto, and Andrew MacLean.

MFR: What’s going on on the Copra front these days?

Michel Fiffe: I have the “COPRA VERSUS” mini-series that I have to wrap up. After that, it’s right back into the regular series.

MFR: Are there any other projects you want to talk about?

Michel Fiffe: COPRA is all I have on my mind. I cannot wait to get back to it.



Thanks again to Michel Fiffe for taking the time to talk with us. Bloodstrike: Brutalists #0 is available now at your local comic shop and you can check out for Copra and more!

All images courtesy of Image Comics and Michele Fiffe.