‘In Rotation’: My Top 6 Albums Of The Week That You Need To Hear

In Rotation, a listicle for music lovers, and seekers of new and different things to listen to. So, if you’re looking for new music, something different, or maybe music to suit your mood this week, here is the place to get a diverse offering each week. In Rotation this week, will have some leftover horror from Halloween, some Mexican Surf rock, new music, and an interesting Christian band.

So, without further ado, lets dive into this week’s albums In Rotation.



Band: Rezurex

Album: Beyond the Grave

In Rotation‘s first, is a fantastic California horrorbilly/psychobilly band Rezurex. California is where many of the genre’s finest stars hail from. The singer has his own unique sound in a music genre full of copies, and takes them a little further away from punk than a group such as Nekromantix. Their album Beyond the Grave shows their Mexican flavor, seasoned in a few areas, with one being the opening track “Dia De Los Muertos.” This happens to be one of two of this writer’s favorite songs of the same title (The other being from a hellbilly band Ghoultown).

If you love a blend of Gothic, ’50s rockalbilly, and horror, then you’ve found a new album for your collection.



Band: AFI

Album: The Blood Album

AFI, or A Fire Inside (formerly Anthem For Insubordinates), is on the cusp of producing another album.The Gothic Punk act, that has gone through a few other additional genres through their long history, is set to put out an album that blends their releases Decemberunderground and Sing the Sorrow, much to the delight of disaffected fans who loathed their second to last album Crash Love.

The song “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings” offer up an exciting return to form for the AFI, but the preview disc leaves one unsure.



Band: Dead Man’s Bones

Album: Self titled + Live unreleased tracks

Ryan Gosling had a Gothic, Indie, Folk, Horror, rock band. I repeat…Ryan Gosling.

Well, in any case, that is the same Hollywood heartthrob Gosling that you were assuming it was. Consequently, the album is fantastic. It is full of atmosphere, gloom, melancholy, and Gothic romanticism. Believe it or not, Gosling is highly fond of horror and the macabre. As stated, there are around 6 or so songs (Including a cover) that didn’t make the self-titled release, but may have been meant for the follow-up Witch Stories. Though, that album never materialized. Oh, it is important to highlight the creepy children’s choir that vocally accompanies the band, as it has already off put someone this album was recommended to.

If it sounds appealing, or a simple curio, than you need to check this album. Right now.



Band: (Danny Amis Y) Lost Acapulco

Album: Terremoto


Surf rock, as a genre, is certainly not new. Also, by Surf rock, we are not speaking about The Beach Boys (Not that there is anything wrong with Barbara Ann). Surf rock allows many artists to add their own flare, and Lost Acapulco adds a Mexican flavor, and slightly more solid, punk rock chords, but are also heavy on the ’50s melody as well. They have much more expansive albums, but this just happened to be In Rotation this week.

Further inspection and study is necessary, as this is a new band to this writer, but if you’re a Surf rock fan to, there is nothing stopping you from checking out this album.



Band: The Deadlines

Album: Death and Life Of

Christian bands tend to get a bad rap in the greater music scene, but even the coolest and hippest ones, tend to be known for their Screamo or Hardcore music. Enter The Deadlines, in the late ’90s, and this Christian band managed to attach themselves to another genre…Horror Punk. The Deadlines second album, though their first is a punkier, synth-less demo version of the second, is chock full of horror lyrics with Christian metaphors abound.

Even if you’re not devout, check it out.



Band: Drift

Album: Black Devotion

Dark Wave/Electronica music has a wider swath of artists today than you might think. Drift branches off from another Dark Wave band, but leaves the majority of the band behind. The band is Nathalia Bruno, formerly of  the Dark Wave/Shoegaze band Phosphor and the Dream pop/Shoegaze band Leave The Planet, and her band Drift is in a similar vein. Shoegazing, dissonant vocals with minimalist synth that appears to always meander around the higher notes, and occasionally a slight dance-like feeling exudes from the albums short track list. Dark and beautiful, but certainly a departure from what you may be used to.

You would be wise to check it out because, if you don’t, you may never know if it is your cup of tea. Also, it is some tasty tea.


Thank you for taking a short journey into a vast collection of various genres that hopefully will give you something new to listen to this week.

Stay tuned or next week’s In Rotation.

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David Joseph
David Joseph
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