IMMORTAL HULK #3 written by Al Ewing, pencils by Joe Bennett, inks by Ruy Jose, colors by Paul Mounts, and letters by Cory Petit drops this week as Ewing takes a no-name villain and tells a humorously artistic story from multiple perspectives showcasing the Hulk and also his amazing abilities as a writer.

IMMORTAL HULK #3 is a must read. Let’s take a look!




Immortal hulk 3-7


Ewing takes the reader through the story from the perspective of a reporter interviewing different witnesses about a Hulk sighting. Jackie McGee, the reporter, was piecing together the events of a gamma villain named Hot Shot who could shoot laser beams from his fingers.

Hot Shot breaks into a church to confront the Priest about exorcising a demon from his girlfriend. Supposedly, there is a place called “the Green Door” that is hurting Hot Shot and his girlfriend.

Immortal hulk 3-1

The Hulk jumps through the window of the church to take down this new gamma gun only to get shot clear through his chest. But no worries, the hole literally closes up right before everyone’s eyes. Hulk breaks his hands, escapes, and the cops take Hot Shot away.

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Smashingly Good!

The art made this issue incredible, but the way Ewing designed, organized, and guided the reader through the story is an art form all in itself. Ewing takes a no-name villain an makes the issue interesting and readable.  I left this issue excited for where it’s going in the future. What’s the Green Door? And, what does Walter Langkowski have to do with all of this?

Immortal hulk 3-2

Ewing‘s interconnected style of one-shot issues is creative and pure genius to get new readers to hop in at any time. Also, pay close attention to the opening quote that starts each issue (above). They always tie into the story somehow. This quote above from PARADISE LOST originally made me think it was about the Hulk. But by the end of the issue, I think the deep, dark, that’s ready to devour may be what’s inside the Green Room. Where will Ewing’s monstrous tale take us? 

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The Puny Banner Art

The art by Leonardo Romero from the perspective of the cop was perfect. It was 70’s looking and replicated the feel of a hard-nosed police officer. Next, the art by Marguerite Sauvage of the Old Lady was spot on. She felt Hot Shot was young, vibrant, bright, and James Dean lite. That is exactly how the art was drawn. And, the art by Garry Brown matching the Priest was fantastic. The Priest saw the Hulk in fear and darkness and the pages were stunning dark and evil. Overall, the art throughout the issue completely captures the feeling and tone of each character so well and mixes perfectly with Ewing‘s writing. There is no doubt everyone involved in his issue worked so well together.

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Should I buy this issue?

Ewing is Incredible. No lie. He is smashingly good. Each issue continues to surprise. How could it get any better? You need to get this issue. It’s a great jumping on point, as each issue has been prior. Ewing writes one-shots that somehow connect. It’s so creative and well done. Immortal Hulk may be the best ongoing in comics today.

Should I add this series to my pull list?

You would be an idiot to not have IMMORTAL HULK on your pull list. Whether you are a fan of the Hulk, Ewing, great art, comics, monster tales, or simply great stories, this comic is for you. This series is what Fresh Start is all about. Pick this issue up. Put this in your pull list right now because Ewing is doing amazing things for this character and Marvel Comics.

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